Two Siblings Found Dead With Powder On Their Mouths In Lagos Shop

A family and residents of 46, Olatunji road, Ojota, Lagos State were thrown into mourning yesterday when the bodies of two siblings were found lifeless in a shop, with strange white-like substances around their mouth and head.
        The brothers, Michael, aged 21 and Paul, aged 19 years were found yesterday morning by a neighbour who wondered why the

shop was not opened so late in the day. Placing calls to their mobile phones, the phones were found to be ringing in the shop. The neighbour, who didn’t want his name in print, said he started getting worried because they all knew the duo usually slept in the shop and were the first to open for business on the street. Raising an alarm, he gathered other neighbours who forced the shop open only to discover the lifeless bodies inside. Loud cries immediately filled the air as people started wondering if the duo committed suicide or were killed. However, police officers from the Area H police station, who were called to the scene carried out some preliminary investigations on the spot and determined that they were choked with the carbon monoxide from a running generating set inside the shop.
        The neighbour confirmed that they usually put on the generating set to sleep if there was no power but argued that the generator couldn’t have led to their death, suspecting foul play. “This is not the first time they are using this generator though it is quite new. The generator supplies light to the whole house and we usually put it on when there is no power, which is almost everyday. More investigations should be carried out because we are suspecting there is more to this than meets the eye. How can two whole human beings just go like that in one day? We need more light on this,” he wept. Meanwhile, their bodies were bagged and handed over to the police and an officer from the station who pleaded anonymity said they would be handed over to the family after proper investigations have been done.

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