Lady rejects man after his second girlfriend shows up during proposal

A video of a public proposal gone wrong has made rounds on social media. The proposal video had gone from a beautiful romantic moment to a caught in the act drama moment for the couple. In the video, a young man, who was dressed in his academic gown as he graduates from the university, was spotted on one knee proposing to his beautiful girlfriend who was also dressed in her academic gown.
        The man had made a decision to propose marriage to his girlfriend using the happy moment of their graduation day, but he obviously was not expecting the surprise that walked in during the romantic moment. After his girlfriend said yes to the proposal, the couple had hugged each other enjoying the moment, when his other girlfriend came in and exposed him. The video showed the man and the two ladies arguing and the lady who was proposed to seemed to be getting more shock with every word the other girlfriend utters. After a while, she was spotted removing the ring she just got and left the scene. In the word, the man was left alone looking dumb-founded. From what was gathered in the video, it seemed like the three were students of the same school and they were graduating on the same day.

Watch video below:

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