Herbalist Kills C&S Pastor Who Visited Him To Boost Church Attendance

Sina Adeoye, an  ex-convict has been arrested for killing a white garment church, Pastor Emmanuel Ogedengbe located around Agugu area of Ibadan ,Oyo State . 3 years ago, Adeoye was arrested for being the ring leader of a dare-devil six-man gang of ritualists cum human parts seller in Oba-Ile, Osun State , and sentenced to 3 years in prison.
        Pastor Ogedengbe had, on Sunday, May 5, 2019, asked his church member , Sola Adebayo, to accompany him to Adeoye to help him boost his church attendance as it had dropped seriously. According to Adebayo: “It was when we got to Oba-Ile that I realised we have come to a herbalist’s house and I immediately asked him what we were doing there. He told me that these suspects were his friends and that they have been friends for like 8 years. Few minutes later, I was told to wait and they all left with Pastor and it was when I started calling his number without any response that I started having a second thought. I later escaped in my car. They chased me to Osogbo-Ikirun expressway before they went back and I rushed to the nearest police station.
        The police later mobilized and arrested Sina Adeoye, Fatai Tirimisiyu and Baba Alawonle who confessed to have slaughtered the Pastor and shared his vital body parts. But another scenario played out, when one Sadiq, the son of the prime suspect, Adeoye, came to the police with a big bowl filled with human parts suspected to be some body parts of the deceased. According to him: My father told me to keep this bucket and warned me not to open it, lest I go blind. But since I heard that he has been arrested, I see the need to bring the bucket to the police so that he can open it.

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