Lagos residents attack Oba over land ownership

Members of the Residents’ Association (RA) said the monarch announced on the radio that he was the owner of the land at Oworo. Briefing the media yesterday, the residents’ association Chairman, Chief Adekunle Adebayo, expressed worries that the monarch’s claim could incite unrest in the violence-prone Oworonshoki community. He explained that there were about eight indigenous families and land

speculators that owned and sold lands in Oworo community, and most of the residents legally bought their land from the families.
        Adebayo said, “Some of these indigenous families are Walter Siffre family, Akinpelu family, Williams family, Sokenu family, Cole family, Miyaki family and Ajisegiri family. We bought the land genuinely from them and got valid documents. We also have our title documents and Certificate of Occupancy from the government. According to him, the monarch said he got the right to all land through court judgments against other ‘Omoniles,’ and as such, all property owners must come to the palace for repurchase and renegotiation. Oba Saliu did not stop with the radio announcement. He proceeded to have his lawyers paste notices in the communities and in our homes, warning us of serious consequences, should we fail to meet his demands, Adebayo said.

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