NSCDC officer kills expatriate and colleague over non-payment of salary

A Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) officer who went off on rampage, reportedly killed his colleague and an expatriate over non-payment of salary. The NSCDC officer who was identified as just Francis, was reportedly deployed to guard LADOL Free Zone in Lagos and sources revealed the incident occurred on Monday.
    The NSCDC officer reportedly killed his

colleague on first shot at the SHI-MCI FZE yard, then the expatriate before going after his other colleagues who all managed to escape. While Francis was apprehended after running out of bullets, the Korean expatriate who was working with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), later died at the Lagoon Hospital, Ikoyi, on Wednesday. A female employee who spoke off the record complained: “LADOL armed guards are supposed to be properly trained to protect Nigerian and foreign workers. SHI had previously argued against having armed guards at the yard, as it posed an unnecessary risk to employees due to insufficient training of guards.” Another eyewitness said: “It is vital that those responsible for such a serious failing that has resulted in death and serious injury are held to account. This was a violent act in a free zone, which is supposed to be a safe zone for foreign nationals, investors and Nigerian workers conducting their daily business. Zone operators, like LADOL, should have measures in place to ensure the safety and security of all their subleases at the zone and if those measures fail there should be contingencies.”

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