Simi vs Yahoo boys: Rapper M.I Abaga takes sides with singer's point of view.

Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga has recently come out to back up popular songbird Simi, following her stand on the fight against internet fraud and its perpetrators. She advised people to try and change the minds of anyone around them that is involved in internet scam activities, and if they fail to desist, she said such people should be reported

to the authorities. Although her submission was taken with mixed reactions by the online community, celebrated rapper M.I appears to be one among those who are strongly in support of the singer's position.
         In a post shared on Instagram, the rapper started off by applauding and commending Simi for speaking out about what she believes in, despite a society that is quick to keep people quiet. He then went ahead to express his view about her submissions, noting that internet fraud is truly causing more harm than good to citizens of the country. Abaga noted that he has an understanding of how situations are not so favorable in the country and as such, people have to do what they need to, in other to get by. However, this according to him, should not be a reason for such people to speak against individuals that are trying to get them to do better. He said their energy and frustrations should be directed at elected officials who should be held accountable in carrying out their responsibilities. Concluding the post he said: "We may be forced to eat with dirty hands.. but it doesn't mean we should urinate in clean water.

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