Couple who do not want to live without each other die holding hands hours apart.

            A 77-year-old couple, Will and Judy Webb, have reportedly passed on, The couple who were married for 56 years died an hour after the other while holding hands - Judy suffered complications from a procedure and her health started to deteriorate. Her husband started falling similarly ill shortly after True love is a concept some people cannot grasp or do not believe in but some real life situations have proven that it does exist. A 77-year-old couple who had been married for 56 years reportedly died within an hour of each other while holding hands.
        The couple, Will and Judy Webb, were reportedly battling similar sicknesses at different hospitals in Michigan.  Install our latest app for Android and read the best news about Nigeria According to their daughter, Marybeth, Judy had a procedure that almost claimed her life in December 2018. She was then transported to Henry Ford hospital, Daily Mail reports. Speaking further Marybeth explained that since her mother’s ill health, her father started developing similar symptoms. “From that point on, everything that happened to her happened to him in a different place. “She spiked a fever, he spiked a fever. She started getting congestion, he got pneumonia. She got a reaction from a medicati*n called metabolic encephalopathy, then he turned around and that's what he had.
        Marybeth believes that her father’s death was as a result of a broken heart. She said: “I know it sounds crazy, but people can die from a broken heart, and I feel like that's what happened to my dad. I asked her if she wanted to just do comfort care and go be with dad, She perked up, shot her head right up and said, 'Yes, where is he?" The couple were eventually moved to the same hospice and after Will passed on, Judy responded by rubbing his hand before passing away an hour later. This was on March 6, 2019. This is a really touching story of a couple who were very much in love. RIP to the dead.

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