Mesut Ozil Rewards Kenyan Herdboy After Social Media Appeal.

      Arsenal playmaker, Mesut Ozil, has exhibited a touch of class after gifting a teenage Kenyan herdboy signed jerseys and boots. The gesture has now seen the dream of the young boy identified as Lawrence Masira come true. Masira caught the attention of Ozil after a photo of him donning a a self-written jersey with the inscription "Ozil 10" went
viral on social media. Kenyan Sports journalist, Erick Njiru, photographed Masira December 2018 herding cows in the streets of Nairobi sporting the now famous kit. Njiru went on to share the photo on Twitter, asking users to disseminate it widely with the hope of reaching Ozil. "I saw this kid today grazing in the streets of Nairobi � a city really without grass  for cows. He told me he loves Mesut �zil so much (You can see his shirt). Maybe one day this can reach Ozil and get a real Arsenal shirt," the journalist tweeted.

      The tweet finally reached the German midfielder whose team contacted Njiru, In a tweet posted on Monday, March 11, Ozil admitted he was touched by the youngster's photo, adding he was delighted to now see him happy after receiving the merchandise. "The picture of a Kenyan boy with a self-made shirt on Twitter touched me so much. And look at Lawrence now � it's so heartwarming to see him and his brothers happy," the star said" Whereas the gift hamper may have taken a little longer to arrive due to logistical issues, the young boy will remain gratified his wish did come true.

Check more photos of a happy Lawrence and his brother below:

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