Two killed by suicide bomb attack near police HQ in south eastern Iran

At least two people have been killed by a suicide bomb attack in Iran's port city of Chabahar, on Thursday.

The explosion which took place outside police headquarters also left many more severely wounded, including women and children.

Chabahar, located in Sistan-Baluchistan province, about 100 kilometres from Pakistan's western border has witnessed recurring cross-border attacks and counter attacks by Pakistan-based Baluchi separatists and Sunni Muslim extremists mostly against the Shiite authorities.

"This terrorist act led to the martyrdom of two members of the police force," the province's deputy governor in charge of security, Mohammad Hadi Marashi, told state television.

"The terrorists tried to enter Chabahar police headquarters but they were prevented by the guards and they detonated the car bomb," Marashi said without elaborating on how many assailants took part.

The city governor, Rahmdel Bameri, who was forced to revised his initial assessment from four deaths to two, told state television "The explosion was very strong and broke the glass of many buildings close by."

Chabahar is home to a large, mainly Sunni Muslim ethnic Baluchi community.

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