Indonesia plane crash: Lion Air jet was in no condition to fly - report

Investigators from Indonesia's National Transport Safety Committee (KNKT) have found that the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max plane which crashed into the Java Sea just after taking off from Jakarta on 29 October should never have been used as it was not airworthy.

In its findings which took aim at the carrier's poor safety culture, the investigators said the plane should have been grounded after technical problems reported on earlier flights.

The plane was put back into service despite failing to fix a problem with the airspeed indicator in the days leading up to the fatal flight.

"During [that] flight, the plane was experiencing a technical problem but the pilot decided to continue," Nurcahyo Utomo, aviation head at the National Transport Safety Committee, told reporters.

"In our opinion, the plane was no longer airworthy and it should not have continued," he added.

The findings does not, however, identify exactly what caused the crash, which killed 189 people.

The flight data recorder has been retrieved but the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee are yet to locate the cockpit voice recorder which could provide more answers.

Lion must take steps "to improve the safety culture" and ensure "all the operation documents are properly filled and documented", the transport agency said.

Relatives of crash victims are suing Boeing over alleged faults with the jet's design, focusing on the automated safety feature.

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