Suicide bombing attack on Chinese consulate in Pakistan, 2 officers killed

AT least two police officers have been killed following a failed attack by three suicide bombers on the Chinese consulate in the city of Karachi in southern Pakistan early Friday.

The three bombers, who arrived in car filled with explosives, were gunned down by security forces before they could enter the heavily fortified building, Karachi Police chief Amir Shaikh said.

"There were three attackers and all three have been killed," Shaikh said. "They could not even get in the compound. They tried to get into the visa section."

Ethnic insurgent group, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) which is based in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, claimed responsibility for the attack. The group says it opposes Chinese exploitation of natural resources in the country's southwest.

A spokesman for the group confirmed this in a telephone interview with Reuters news agency.

"They stormed the Chinese embassy in Karachi. China is exploiting our resources," spokesman Jiand Baloch said.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said all staff at the Chinese consulate are safe.

China, a neighbour and ally of Pakistan, have invested billions of dollars into the country -- as part of its vast Belt and Road initiative -- which has provided funding for the development of a deep-water port in the city of Gwadar, Baluchistan province which has has rich mineral and natural gas reserves.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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