Denmark withholds $10 million in aid from Tanzania over human rights concerns

Tanzania is set to lose $10 million in aid over recent concerns about human rights abuses stemming from the country's perceived government clamp down on homosexual activities and human right abuses.

On Wednesday, the World Bank said it is discarding a plan to loan the $300 million loan plan to the East African nation, after the government doubled down on its policy of banning pregnant girls from school and recently made question official statistics, a crime.

Denmark, the country's second-biggest donor, has also said it plans to withhold 65 million Danish crowns ($9.88 million) in aid over human rights abuses and "unacceptable homophobic comments".

Denmark's Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tornaes, wrote on twitter that "I am very worried about the negative development in Tanzania, the latest being the completely unacceptable homophobic statements from a commissioner."

These actions are reactions to comments made by the by administrative chief of the capital Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda, who said the country has launch a special anti-gay crackdown squad in the city.

Tanzanian government officials, however denied the claims as not being the position of the government, but rather represented the personal views of Makonda.

There's also been criticism of the government by opposition politicians and international rights groups over growing authoritarianism and intolerance of dissent, criticism which the government rejects.

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