UN Security Council to vote on lifting sanctions on Eritrea

 The United Nations' Security Council looks set to remove the 2009 sanctions against Eritrea, as the nation undergoes reforms in her relationship with neighbour Ethiopia and others in the region.

A unanimous vote is expected later Wednesday, to lift the sanctions put in place in response to the country's alleged support of al-Shabab Islamist militants in Somalia.

The United Kingdom has put forth a draft resolution, which highlights the UN's inability to validate the allegations. Adoption of the resolution will see restrictions placed on arms, travel ban and frozen assets overturned.

A BBC report says the Eritrean government will seek compensation for the punitive measures which it calls unjustified and politically motivated.

But the country's ambassador to the UN, Taye Atske Selassie, said the end of sanctions would "definitely open up a lot of possibilities for Eritrea," drawing foreign investors and bringing Asmara back into the international fold, the AFP news agency reports.

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