California Wildfire: Death toll continues to rise, 50 bodies reported so far

 As the whole world continues to watch the massive and deadly California wildfire which has engulfed its northern and southern region, the death toll continues to rise.

Now the deadliest in the state's history, at least 50 deaths have been reported statewide as recovery teams continues searching for the remains of victims in the ash of burnt house and cars.

"Today an additional six human remains were recovered, which brings the total to 48. All six of those remains were located in Paradise, and they were located within homes," Sheriff Kory Honea told a news conference.

The town of paradise -now pile of charred houses and cars- has been described as "a toxic wasteland right now" by a member of the town's council,  Melissa Schuster.

Schuster told ABC, "We have teams -- you know, coroner teams -- that have to go house to house and vehicle to vehicle."

Two victims of the "Woolsey Fire" was found also Tuesday, taking the number of dead to 50.

The "Woolsey Fire" has razed 97,114 acres, destroying 435 structures -including the 100-year-old Paramount Ranch where HBO's "Westworld" and other popular television shows and movies were filmed.

California Fire Department says the 57,000 structures are still at risk though the fire has been 40 percent contained.

The department has over 3,500 fire personnel battling the "Woolsey Fire" and more than 5,600 fire personnel, some from as far away as Washington state and Texas battling the "Camp Fire" in the state's north, which has burnt down some 7,600 homes and 260 commercial properties.

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