Ethiopia's Attorney General issues arrest warrants for 36 state security agents accused of attacking Prime Minister's June rally

Members of Ethiopia's security service are being accused of orchestrating June's grenade attack on a rally which had prime minister Abiy Ahmed in attendace and claimed two lives.

The accusation was made in an announcement by the country's Attorney General, detailing a string of investigations that struck at the heart of the establishment.

Speaking to reporters on
Monday, attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye said "Members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) were involved in the blast that killed two people in June, soon after newly-elected reformist prime minister Abiy Ahmed left the stage"

He added that arrest warrants for 36 security agents of rights abuses and corruption have been issued, as well as for more than 30 officials from a military-run firm, Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), where inquiries had uncovered mismanagement.

"For six years METEC made international procurements totaling $2 billion without any bidding processes," Berhanu said, without naming the international firms involved.

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