Baby trafficking ring, involving a former police chief, busted in Peru

A baby trafficking ring operation in Peru's city of Arequipa have been exposed following an early morning raids of 18 properties on Tuesday.

The raids involving 500 police officers, led to the arrest of 14 people including the head of Peru's national police force, Gen Ral Becerra.

Gen Raul Becerra who headed the country's national police force from 2010 until his retirement in 2011, is suspected of being a key accomplice in the criminal scheme with his partner Cinthia Tello, believed by the police to be the gang's ringleader.

The gang, according to investigators, targets poor pregnant women and convinces them to hand over their babies to them after birth by offering them enough money.

Investigators say the babies are in turned sold for 4,000 Peruvian soles ($1,187).

Officials say a 5-month-old baby was rescued as part of the raids.

A gynaecologist, a paediatrician and three women allegedly responsible for finding the vulnerable pregnant women were also arrested.

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