Schoolchildren abducted in Cameroon regains freedom

78 children and 1 staff abducted by unknown gunmen late on Sunday from the Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda, in western Cameroon have gained freedom, official say.

The students now with police, are being questioned by authorities, and will soon be handled over to their parents.

The Presbyterian Church of Cameroon said the children were abandoned in one of their buildings in the town of Bafut, about 24 km (15 miles) from Bamenda. The y also revealed this was the second time children have been kidnapped from the school in just a week.

Three adults are still in captivity.

The Cameroonian government have accused the Anglophone separatist movement of orchestrating the kidnapping, but the group points its finger to the government saying they might be behind the kidnapping to give the movement a bad name to the international community.

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