Labour calls off nationwide strike action

The proposed indefinite strike action by organised Labour in the country, expected to begin from Tuesday 6th, November have been suspended on the eve of its commencement date.

Announcing the suspension after a meeting with the tripartite committee set up to come up with the new minimum wage, the National Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba said labour's decision to suspended the strike action was reached after agreements were reached and documents signed though he did not disclose the new figure agreed on by the committee.

The committee's report would be submitted to the President Buhari on Tuesday.

What Happened?

Labour unions have been asking the federal government for an increase of the current minimum wage of N18,000.

After initially asking for a new minimum wage of N56,000, labour and organised private sector settled for N30,000 after the the tripartite committee set up by the Federal Government to come up with a new national minimum wage for the country recommended N24,000 and N30,000.

The Federal government, however, insisted on N24,000 while several state governors said they could only afford to pay N22,500.

This failure to reach a consensus figure, led the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the United Labour Congress to declare a nationwide strike action to commencing from Nov. 6.

The federal government however secured a court order from the National Industrial Court stopping organised labour from embarking on the planned strike.

What happens next?

As disclosed by the committee chairperson, Amma Pepple, the final decision would be made by the executive, which she said, would thereafter be sent to the National Assembly.

"We have concluded but we have a little challenge about Chapter 5 of our report. That is the section where we report the negotiation and the figures we used for negotiation and the figure that we concluded on.

"The committee came up with two figures. The Federal Government suggested N24,000 and labour, as well as the organised private sector, gave a figure of N30,000.

"There is no stalemate. We have finished and we have signed the report but what we are insisting on is that the strike should be called off. We are waiting for the President to give us a date to submit the report. The report will go through a process. It will go through the Federal Government as well as the National Assembly."


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