France issues arrest warrants for three senior Syrian officials: legal sources

Prosecutors in France have issued international arrest warrants for three senior Syrian intelligence and government officials for allegations of collusion in war crimes.

Syrian security chief Ali Mamlouk, head of Airforce Intelligence Jamil Hassan and senior Airforce Intelligence official, Abdel Salam Mahmoud are being sought after following investigations in a long-running case involving two French-Syrian nationals who were arrested
in Syria in November 2013 and had disappeared since.

Jamil Hassan, is already the subject of a German warrant, official sources say.

The French-Syrian nationals, father and son, Mazen and Patrick Abdelkader Dabbagh were confirmed dead by Damascus and French prosecutors discovered their house in Damascus had been raided by intelligence officials after opening a probe into their disapperance in 2015, a judicial source said.

The arrest warrants bring charges including collusion in torture, forced disappearances, crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Syrian officials.

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