Army defends use of force against Shia protesters with Donald Trump Video

The Nigerian Army have defended its use of force against Shia protesters on Monday by posting a video clip of US president Donald Trump's remarks, in which he said he had given US soldiers to be deployed to the country's Southern border the go ahead to engage Central American migrants (moving  towards the border) throwing stones with deadly force.

A Defense spokesperson, John Agim speaking with AFP, said the video was in reaction to Amnesty International's report which accused the army of using weapons against Shia protesters.

"Not only did they use stones but they were carrying petrol bombs, machetes and knives, so yes, we consider them as being armed".

"We intervened only because the IMN [Islamic Movement of Nigeria] members are trying to harm our people, they are always meeting us... at security check points and trying to provoke us, they even burned a police vehicle."

The Nigerian Army says three of the Shia protesters, demanding the release of the leader Ibraheem Zakzaky - in the Army's custody for almost three years - but the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) says about 40 of its members were killed.

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