One Black box of crashed Lion Air plane retrieved

The "black box" of the ill-fated Lion Air flight which crashed into the Java Sea on Monday has been found off the coast of Indonesia.

The cause of the plane crash is not yet known with this discovery increasing the chances of understanding what might have led to the accident amidst reports that the aircraft had experienced technical problems on earlier flights.

The Boeing 737 with 189 people aboard, was making a one-hour journey to the western city of Pangkal Pinang when it went down shortly after take off.

It is understood the pilot had requested for permission from air traffic control to return back to the airport but contact was then lost.

One of the divers, identified as Hendra, to reporters the box had been buried in debris on the sea floor. "We dug and we got the black box," Reuters quotes her saying.

Officials say the recovered "black box" was the data recorder and that they are still searching for second "black box" which would have recorded conversations between the two pilots.

Recovering the flight recorder means aviation safety experts can begin piecing together the plane's final moments to work out what went wrong.

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