Catholic priest accused of 'sexual abuse' by South African man

A Catholic priest in South Africa has been accused of sexual abuse by a South African man.

Mr. William Segodisho disclosed this in a press conference organised by rights group 'Women and Men Against Child Abuse, detailing the alleged abuse and rape at the hands of the priest who has "now returned to the United Kingdom", according to
South Africa's privately owned broadcaster ENCA.

Mr Segodisho said the priest whom he met while living at a homeless shelter in Johannesburg in the 1980s took an interest in him, promising to help enroll him in a private school.

The priest, he said, also bought him clothes and took him for nice meals.

After his successful enrolment, Segodisho said the priest invited him for dinner one night to celebrate.

"But he also told me that I was to sleep over, which was fine... but when we were in the room instead of offering me orange juice, an Appletizer or a Coke, he offered me a whiskey."

Segodisho, 13-years-old at the time and drunk was told by the priest that all the "good things" he had done for him came with a condition.

"All I had to do was just give him a bit of pleasure", Mr Segodisho said, before detailing the sexual acts he had to perform on the priest.

He also detailed an incident where the priest allegedly raped him when they were on holiday, and how he retaliated.

William Segodisho also alleged that another priest "took advantage of me".

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