Patients and Staff evacuated at Spanish hospital following fire incident

More than 100 patients and workers were evacuated from a hospital in the Canary Islands on Monday night after a fire caused by the relative of a person who was receiving treatment there, the regional health chief said

None of the 124 patients and 28 staff at the hospital at the time were injured, but the fire prompted chaotic scenes of people running or being wheeled on stretchers out of the burning building

"What we know is that someone went to the police and took blame for what happened," regional health service director Conrado Dominguez told a news conference, adding: "This person was the relative of someone who was receiving treatment "

Police said on Twitter they had arrested a woman on suspicion of having a role in the fire

Neither the police nor Dominguez gave further details, but Spanish media reported the culprit had started the fire in protest at a delay in treatment

"They did not take care of her (relative) and she took a lighter and a bottle of oxygen and lit it," a witness told El Pais newspaper


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