Climbers feared dead in Tajikistan helicopter crash

Thirteen climbers and three crew members are unaccounted for after a helicopter they were travelling in had a "hard landing" in the mountains of Tajikistan, officials say.

The accident happened at 17:30 (11:30 GMT) on Sunday, Tajik officials said.

Russian news agencies said the helicopter had taken the climbers from base camp on the Fortambek glacier in the Ismoili Somoni peak.

They said most of the climbers were thought to be Russians.

At 7,495m (24,590ft), the Ismoili Somoni mountain is Tajikistan's highest and a major tourist attraction.

It was known as Communism Peak during the time Tajikistan was part of the Soviet Union and renamed after a 10th-Century Tajik national hero in 1998.

It forms part of the Pamir mountain range, often described as the "roof of the world".


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