Ethiopia and Eritrea take huge steps in peace process - reports

More steps are being taken by former enemy states, Ethiopia and Eritrea, towards reconciliation of both nations following the unprecedented peace deal signed by both leaders about a fortnight ago.

Ethiopia has made another major effort towards the deal with its appointment of its first ambassador to Eritrea in two decades.

According to reports on the website of Ethiopia's state-linked Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Mr. Redwan Hussein, a former ambassador to Ireland and communication minister, has become Addis Ababa's representative in Asmara.

This is just another stage in the rapidly improving relations between the two neighbours after years of fighting a border war.

Back in Eritrea, pro-government Eritrea Press reports that the government has withdrawn its troops from the border with Ethiopia.

Though not yet verified by any other major news outlets, if true, it will be a major development on the part of the Eritrean governments.

On Wednesday, commercial flights between the two nations resumed and phone communications between the countries have also been restored.

Ethiopia and Eritrea were plunged into war between 1998-2000 during which an estimated 80,000 people is believed died as a result. The war was for control of the border town of Badme.

A 2012 UN-backed boundary commission ruled that Ethiopia should cede Badme to Eritrea but it refused, leaving the two countries in a state of "no war, no peace".

Ethiopia's new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has promised to follow the ruling of the commission though a timeline on when this will happen or when Ethiopia will withdraw its troops stationed along the border remains unclear

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