India: 8-year-old gang-raped by after five boys

Police have arrested five boys for allegedly gang-raping an eight-year-old girl.

The boys, aged nine to 14, are accused of carrying out the attack in the town of Sahaspur, in Uttar Pradesh, after watching porn on a smartphone that belonged to one of their older brothers.

Policeman Narendra Rathore said they hatched a plan that involved them luring the girl, who was a neighbour, to one of their homes after they promised her chocolate on Thursday.

They had apparently found her playing outside while her mum and dad were at work.

Mr Rathore added one of the boys stood guard at the front door while the others raped the girl.

They eventually let her leave when one of their older brothers returned home, he said.

He told the Times of India: ‘Those boys targeted the girl as they were aware that she remains alone in the house during that period of the day.

‘They had planned the crime a couple of days earlier.'

Mr Rathore said the girl had been quiet after she returned home but later told her mother what had happened.

Her family then filed a complaint and the boys were picked up.

The suspects were set to appear before a juvenile court yesterday after being placed in a ‘correction home'.

The girl was said to be recovering at her home, which she shares with her parents and four siblings.


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