Police officers deployed for Trump visit to the UK outraged by poor accommodation condition

Police officers working on the operation to protect Donald Trump during his UK visit are being forced to stay in ‘conditions worse than prisoners’, it emerged today.

Outraged police officers shared pictures of where they are being forced to sleep for three nights after their 12 hour shifts.

Some are being forced to sleep on a gym floor whilst others
are in army barracks in tightly-packed camp beds.

The gym was meant to cater for 300 people and there were complaints from officers about freezing cold showers, cramped conditions and nowhere for phones to be charged.

Claire Laura, from West Midlands Police, shared a picture of a gym, and said: ‘Colleagues of mine have been deployed for some president visiting and this is their bed for three nights after working 12 hour shifts.

‘Prisoners get better conditions. And their own toilet.

‘Beyond disappointed with how colleagues are not being looked after! I would actually like to meet the individual who thought these conditions are acceptable?!’

More than 10,000 police officers have been drafted into cover the American President’s four day visit to the UK, codename Operation Manifold, with the majority of the officers being deployed around London.

West Midlands Police Federation Richard Cooke said: ‘Nationally this is being challenged. It’s really bad, totally inadequate and appalling. This will not be left.’

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter shared pictures of the officers digs on Twitter and said: ‘Prisoners arrested last night will have had better accommodation than those police officers ensuring the Presidential visit runs smoothly.

He added: ‘Spoken with a number of officers and some bosses this morning about the Op Manifold accommodation debacle.

‘Clear there is a mixed bag, some accommodation is fine and some far from fine.’

Almost every police force in the UK is contributing to Operation Manifold, with all rest days cancelled for the Presidential visit, which has sparked the biggest coordinated response since the 2011 riots.

A National Police Chiefs’ Council spokesman told Metro.co.uk: ‘Some of the accommodation pictured today for officers supporting the major operation for the US Presidential visit is not acceptable and below the standard of other accommodation for this operation.

‘Essex Police is working at speed to resolve the issues for the affected officers. Thank you to the officers who have raised this important issue.’


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