Lion shot dead after escaping from its enclosure at Belgian zoo

A lioness has been shot dead after it escaped from its enclosure at a zoo in Belgium.

The zoo had been evacuated after the lion broke loose, with people told to shelter in the gift shop.

A zoo spokesman said they had to shoot the lion after two failed attempts to sedate it.

Caitlin Cant told VTM news: We arrived here and immediately
had to go to the souvenir shop.

Some classmates are still in their car in the parking lot.

'Classmates who were on their way were sent back home. Meanwhile, we have received water from the staff. In total there are about forty people waiting for news.'

Planckendael zoo spokeswoman Ilse Segers said that the female lion had not got out of the zoo area and that no visitors were in danger.

Ms Segers said earlier: The zoo has been evacuated and closed. A veterinarian is currently trying to sedate the lion.'

The lion got out just after opening time so few people were at the zoo, 19 miles north of Belgian capital Brussels.


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