Boxing: Tyson Fury launches attack on Deontay Wilder after Mike Tyson comments

Tyson Fury has launched an attack on Deontay Wilder, labeling the American boxer a "chinless bum" and claiming he will "end [his] unbeaten run."

Fury, 29, posted the series of videos on his Instagram account following Wilder's claims that he could beat a young Mike Tyson. Fury -- who was reportedly named after the retired boxing legend -- was
quick to blast the comments.

He said: "This is a message to Deontay Wilder. I've just seen another ridiculous statement from you, Wilder, that you got more fear factor than Mike Tyson had.

"You're a dreamer, you are honestly. I've never seen a man dream so much in my life. I don't know why you're taking the great Mike Tyson's name in vain.

"He's not even in your era. However, there is a Tyson in your era and I'll stop you inside five rounds. you bum.

"You big, lanky, skinny-legged dosser. You chinless bum. I'll put my fist fight through you."

The comments come just weeks after the Manchester-born boxer returned to the ring, after almost three years out, with a fourth-round win over Sefer Seferi.

Fury is now in training for his second comeback fight, which will take place on the Carl Frampton undercard in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Aug. 14.

Wilder is preparing for a potential world heavyweight unification title fight with Anthony Joshua.


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