Campaign video for DR Congo president Kabila angers opposition

What appears to be a political campaign video for the Democratic Republic of Congo's President Joseph Kabila is doing the rounds on social media.

Using a catchy music and slogan, the video created by governing party members praises President Kabila for pacifying the country, developing infrastructure and the economy, among other perceived accomplishments.

It describes him as being "indispensible for

"We wanted to pay homage to a young man like us," Adam Chalwe, a party official and youth coordinator for the presidential majority, told the BBC.

Mr Kabila was 29 when he became president in 2001.

"He has accomplished a number of things and we wanted to thank him for everything he has done - there will be more to come," Mr Chalwe added.

Posters showing Kabila as a presidential candidate have also appeared in the capital Kinshasa, drawing criticism from opposition leaders.

President Kabila's mandate expired in December 2016 having reached the constitutional limit of two terms in office.

But he has failed to step down and elections have been repeatedly delayed.

A constitutional clause has allowed him to stay in power until the elections - which are now scheduled for December 2018.

In recent weeks, rumours have been spreading about whether he will seek to extend his tenure.


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