Shock as girl raped in Kenya boarding school

A teacher at Moi Girls High school in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, is to undergo DNA testing as part of police investigations over an alleged rape of a student on Saturday night that has the shocked the nation, privately owned Daily Nation reports.

The paper reports that the 15-year-old victim was attacked at a hostel in the
boarding school at 02:00 local time and that two other students were also physically assaulted.

Other students say they sought help from the matron, knocking on her door several times -but she did not respond until three hours later, the paper says.

When she eventually emerged the matron gave the girl, who was described as "bleeding and looking weak and too traumatised to talk", first aid and then called for transport to take her to hospital.

The Daily Nation quotes a student as saying:

“Three men entered the cubicle shared by four girls. One girl managed to escape unhurt. The men then attempted to rape two other girls but they escaped, although they were beaten. One attacker managed to rape one of the girls."

Students told the paper that teachers dismissed the rape claim and asked the girls to be calm and "not make up " stories.

Other pupils said the victim had been offered a scholarship in exchange of her silence on the incident.

The school, which has not officially commented on the incident, has since been closed for a week and students sent at home.

Eight months ago a fire in a dormitory at the same school killed nine students after a suspected arson attack by a group of students.


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