BREAKING: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy voted out of office by parliament, replaced by Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been forced out of office by a no-confidence vote in parliament.

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez, who filed the motion after Mr Rajoy's party was implicated in a corruption scandal, will become prime minister.

"We're going to sign a new page in the history of democracy in our country," Mr Sanchez said
ahead of Friday's vote.

Mr Rajoy is the first prime minister in modern Spanish history to be defeated in a no-confidence motion.

Mr Sánchez secured 180 votes after gaining support from various smaller parties, including the Basque Nationalist Party - 169 voted against the motion, with one abstention.

Mr Rajoy, who leads the conservative People's Party, has been prime minister since 2011.

During the second day of debate on Friday, he admitted facing defeat and told MPs that it has been "an honour to leave a better Spain than I found".


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