Private jet splits in half in crash landing

A private charter jet flying from Austin, Texas to Honduras, on Tuesday morning crash landed in the Honduras's capital Tegucigalpa. The Gulfstream G200 aircraft with tail number N813WM, skidded off the runway at Toncontin International Airport.

All on board are said to have survived the crash which split the plane in half, following
the crash though the actual number of people who were on board remains unknown as authorities giving conflicting accounts with some saying six and others, nine.

A police official however confirmed there was no death, saying "Thank God there are no fatalities."

One witness told AFP he helped five men and a woman out of the plane, all of whom were "practically unharmed".

Honduras' Toncontin airport is considered one of the world's most treacherous with mountains surrounding it.

A plane belonging to the former airline TACA crashed in nearly the same spot in 2008, leading to the death of five people.

The Honduran government is currently constructing a new international airport about 50km (31 miles) away from the capital.

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