Nigeria’s ‘most incorruptible officer"?

Very few Nigerians trust the police, but one man has been singled out as the “most incorruptible officer” in the country.

Adekunle Rufus Adedeji, a superintendent in charge of the Criminal Investigative Bureau in Ekiti state, is said to have never taken a bribe - according to a survey conducted by the human rights group Constitutional Rights Awareness and Liberty Initiative.

recently received the "Most Dedicated Police Officer in Nigeria" award from the US embassy here.

He told BBC Yoruba at the ceremony that he feels awkward when Nigerians continually denigrate the police and that the force was not necessarily to blame for poor performance: "Yes the police has its bad eggs, but an officer’s behaviour mostly depends on how he is brought up at home. It is society as a whole that is being reflected."

He said the government was also to blame for what the police force had become.

"I implore the government to make resources available for the welfare of the police. When a police officer is not assured his needs will be met, he is likely to look for alternative means to fend for his family and himself."

However, he said this was not a reason for officers to ask for bribes or to abuse people’s rights.

His wife, Omolola Adedeji, said her husband had made it clear to her not to expect “resources he never worked for at home”: "I never ask for what he doesn’t have.”


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