U.S. United Nations Rep Nikki Haley blasts White House official

The United States UN representative, Nikki Haley, has blasted White House staff Larry Kudlow for calling her confused following a contrasting announcement about Russia sanction between herself and the White House administration.

Haley had earlier said the US were planning on announcing new sanctions that would specifically target "any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Syrian President
Bashar al-Assad and chemical weapons use".

However, the White House said no such action had yet been decided just hours after her remarks on CBS television, during which she said the sanctions would send a "strong message" to Russian leaders.

According to report by The New York Times, President Trump had been angered by her statement.

In trying to bring clarity to the conflicting stance between the White House and Nikki Haley, Trump's economic adviser, Larry Kudlow said Ms Haley was "doing a great job", adding: "There might have been some momentary confusion about that. I think the issue here is we have a set of sanctions and additional sanctions are under consideration but have not been determined."

Speaking to Fox News television, Haley responded to Kudlow's remarks saying, "With all due respect, I don't get confused," after which Mr Kudlow called and apologised to her, the New York Times reports.

"I was wrong to say that," he told the newspaper. "She was basically following what she thought was policy. The policy was changed and she wasn't told about it, so she was in a box."

This has once again brought to the forefront of national discussions about the lack of unity and direction in Trump's administration after several instance where the White House, administration officials and even Trump himself, have offered contrasting policies and opinions.


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