Boston marks fifth year anniversary of marathon bombings

On Sunday, the city of Boston, Massachusetts capital, marked the fifth anniversary of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings which killed three people and injure over 260 others on April 15 2013, with solemn remembrances and charitable acts

The state governor, Charlie Baker, city's mayor Marty Walsh and family members of victims of the two bombings, Martin Richard and Lingzi Lu, laid wreaths at the spots of the bombings Some people also left bouquets of flowers, handwritten notes, candles and stuffed toys

Hundreds gathered to watch silently behind barricades

At a private ceremony later on, Gov Baker and Mayor Walsh spoke to survivors and the families of victims in the Boston Public Library

"On April 15, 2013, our city changed forever, but over the last five years, we have reclaimed hope We have reclaimed the finish line, and Boston has emerged with a new strength, a resilience rooted in love," Walsh said

The city also observed a moment of silence, while the bells of the Old South Church rang at 2:49 pm, the moment when the first bomb exploded, five years ago

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