Today In History: First color 3-D film opened in New York theatre, Croatia declare Independence...

1790 - The U.S. patent system is established.

1809 - Austria declares war on France and her forces enter Bavaria.

1902 - South African Boers accept British terms of surrender.

1912 - The Titanic begins her maiden voyage which will end in disaster.

1919 - Emiliano Zapata, a leader of peasants and indigenous people during the Mexican Revolution, is ambushed and shot to death in Morelos by government forces.

1925 - F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.

1930 - The first synthetic rubber is produced.

1941 - Croatia declared independence: The German and Italian invaders of Yugoslavia set up the Independent State of Croatia (also including Bosnia and Herzegovina) and place nationalist leader Ante Pavelic's Ustase, pro-fascist insurgents, in control of what is no more than a puppet Axis regime.

1941 - U.S. troops occupy Greenland to prevent Nazi infiltration.

1945 - Allied troops liberate the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald north of Weener, Germany.

1947 - Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play major league baseball as he takes the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1953 - First color 3-D film opens: The horror film 'The House of Wax', starring Vincent Price, opens at New York's Paramount Theater. Released by Warner Brothers, it was the first movie from a major motion-picture studio to be shot using the three-dimensional, or stereoscopic, film process and one of the first horror films to be shot in color.

1963 - On this day, the USS Thresher, an atomic submarine, sinks in the Atlantic Ocean, killing the entire crew. One hundred and twenty-nine sailors and civilians were lost when the sub unexpectedly plunged to the sea floor 300 miles off the coast of New England.

1970 - Paul McCartney announces the breakup of the Beatles. The legendary rock band the Beatles spent the better part of three years breaking up in the late 1960s, and even longer than that hashing out who did what and why.

1972 - As part of his first visit to the United States in 20 years, British film pioneer Charlie Chaplin accepts an honorary Academy Award for his "incalculable" contribution to the art of filmmaking.

2005 - Tiger Woods won his fourth Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club after a 15-foot birdie on the first hole of the sudden-death playoff against Chris DiMarco.

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