Sebastian Vettel still lacking confidence in new Ferrari SF71H

Sebastian Vettel believes his new Ferrari has "huge potential" but admits it is not yet giving him the confidence he needs to drive it on the limit.

Vettel won the opening round of the season in Australia but only after Mercedes messed up Lewis Hamilton's strategy around a Virtual Safety Car period. Hamilton had been quicker than Vettel all weekend and
outqualified the Ferrari driver by nearly 0.7s.

Vettel was also outqualified by teammate Kimi Raikkonen and admits he is still struggling to get the best from the car.

"I think the car has huge potential but, yeah, I'm still struggling a little bit," he said after Sunday's victory. "I think if we also compare to where we're still a bit weak, it's where I also feel that the car is not yet there. The car doesn't respond the way I like and it's still sliding in places I don't want it to slide.

"I want the car to be spot on when I hit brakes and turn in, and in that window I'm not yet happy, so it's always sort-of a compromise. Of course, it's our job to drive around problems that we have but if I could choose, I would like it a bit different."

Vettel said the loose rear of the Ferrari means driving it is too much of a "conscious" experience and is not yet second nature.

"I think we can live with it but I feel also if we get on top of that then you feel more confident. A track like here, when you have confidence it makes a big difference. You always try to push but equally to try to be a bit safe -- because you don't want to throw it away.

"That's exactly where it makes a difference: if you then have the confidence and you trust the car, you don't think for a second, you just go out and do it. At the moment, it just feels a bit too conscious. So, let's hope I get to think less, and we need to think less in the next races."


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