Emirates air hostess dies after fall from plane in Uganda

The Emirates air hostess who was reported to have fallen through the emergency door fell of the plane on Thursday, at Uganda's Entebbe airport is dead.

She is said to have died soon after she was rushed to Kisubi hospital 16km (10 miles). According to reports, the incident occurred when the hostess was preparing the
flight for boarding.

The aviation authorities in Uganda have opened an investigation to determine the cause. A statement from the authorities said the flight attendant "appeared to have opened the emergency door" and unfortunately "fell off an aircraft that had safely landed and parked".

A spokesperson Edward Zabonna for Kisubi hospital told the BBC, the hostess, whose nationality is not yet known, arrived the hospital alive but unconscious and had injuries "all over her face and knees".

AFP quotes a statement from the Dubai-based Emirate Airline: "A member of our cabin crew unfortunately fell from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding". It added that the airline will fully cooperate with the investigation.

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