Famous Malaysian snake-handler dies of cobra bite

A Malaysian man, Abu Zarin Hussin, famous for his snake-handling skills has died from snake poison, after being bitten by a cobra.

Hussin's fame came as a result of an incorrect story published in British tabloids in 2016, which tagged him as a Thai man who'd allegedly married his pet snake, believing it to be his "reincarnated girlfriend".

Hussin, a firefighter, was admitted to hospital on Monday after being bitten a cobra during a snake-catching operation.

Local news outlet The Star said the 33-year-old who reside in the state of Pahang, taught and trained other firefighters, how they could identify different snake species and capture them without killing them.

He had also participated in television programme Asia's Got Talent, where he pulled off the daring act of "kissing" a snake.

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