Gupta brothers are SA citizens, says India

The India government has  unequivocally said that the Guptas are citizens of South Africa after confussion arose about the status of the wealthy Indian-born family.

India's ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Shri Raveesh Kumar has been quoted as saying: "I think it is important to understand the background of the Guptas themselves.

"The Guptas is a privately owned South African business. They and their family members are South African citizens, the government and the law enforcement agencies of South Africa are doing their job.

"The law must and, I think, will take its own course, it should prevail."

Kumar added that the Indian government would meddle in issues of another country. 

The Guptas are accused of using their relationship with ousted president Jacob Zuma, to enrich themselves and their business interests. One of the brothers, Ajay currently wanted by police.

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