Saudi Arabia to assist Nigeria fight insurgency, donates $10 million to the cause

Saudi Arabia has offered assistance to the Nigeria government's fight against insurgency by donating $10 million to the country. This is part of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Programme, according to the team leader from Saudi Arabia, Nasir Mutbak.

Representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Defence Ministry, Mutbak told reporters that the donation by the kingdom is
to help with the provision of food and other basic amenities in IDP camps in the North-East Region of the country.

“We are here to implement King Salman issued to help our brothers in IDPs and refugees in North-East, we are here to reach out, and provide assistance for our brothers in that region. And of course, the donation will be $10million," Nasir Mutbak said.

Retired Brigadier General Mansur Dan, Nigeria’s Defence Minister in response, said the financial assistance from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will definitely help to fight terrorism in the country.

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