South Korean prosecutors summon former president Lee Myung-bak for questioning

South Korean prosecutors have summoned former President Lee Myung-bak to appear for questioning on March 14, over allegations of his participation in a bribery scandal when he was still president, a prosecutor said on Tuesday.

"We must question (Lee) to reveal the truth", the prosecutor told reporters. "We expect him to show up since we gave sufficient time for him to prepare for the questioning. We need to investigate former president Lee to find the truth (in the scandal) in a transparent and effective manner".

Lee Myung-bak is the latest former head of state to be investigated as his successor Park Geun-Hye who was ousted last year over a massive corruption scandal, abuse of power and coercion that emerged in 2016 is facing a 30-year jail term.

Corruption allegations involving the 76-year-old's relatives and aides during his 2008-2013 presidential term as prosecutors are investigating several cases of bribery amounting to millions of dollars. This has led to the arrest of two of the ex-president's former aides and the homes and offices of his brothers raided.

Lee had previously denied any wrongdoing, saying the investigation into the bribery allegations, summoning his family and confidants and raiding their homes and offices are politically motivated.
This move by the prosecutors office means that all living former South Korean presidents have now either been convicted, charged or embroiled in criminal inquiries.

Lee's own predecessor, the liberal Roh Moo-hyun, committed suicide in 2009, by jumping off a cliff after being questioned over corruption allegations. 

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