Suicide Bomb Attack in Kabul Kills One

A suicide car bombing has killed at least one civilian and injured about four others. The combing which targeted the convoy of foreign troops disrupted activities in the eastern part of Kabul on Friday. 

Houses nearby were extensively damaged. Local media report showed security forces rushing over to the scene of the blast while the wounded were being
moved by passers-by.

Afghan interior ministry's spokesman, Najib Danish speaking to told AFP reporters said: "Unfortunately around 9:00 am, a car bombing took place in (the) Qabil Bay area of Kabul. The target of the attack was a foreign forces convoy," adding that police are investigating. His deputy added that it was not yet known if any member of the convoy was affected by the blast. 

The bombing occurred days after Afghan president Ashraf Ghani revealed that he plans to hold peace talks with the Taliban, which might eventually lead to recognising them as a political party. 

Ghani made his plans known this week, during a highly successful international peace talks in Kabul, which made US officials believe and hope that the longest war in US history may be heading to a settlement.

No group is yet to lay claim on the attack on Kabul, a city under heavy attacks from both the Taliban and the Islamic State.

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