Alabama State University Sued By Nigeria Government

Alabama State University,in the United States of America has been taken to court by the Nigerian government for mishandling scholarship fund meant for rent, books and food of its students in the school.

The university is also accused of charging form accommodation and lessons which the students did not use or take part in respectively. The university, while
speaking to local media denied the allegations saying it had "adhered to and complied with every instruction and direction given to the university by the Nigerian government regarding that agreement."

The university though admitted that it owed $202,000 to the Nigerian government, which it says had been deposited into an account.

Anthony Ifediba, who is representing the students, contradicts the figures by stated by the school, saying the university might be withholding up to $800,000. Ifediba said the school was paid about $5m by the government that be enough to cater for the tuition and living costs of all the students.

He added, "I hope it will sober the Alabama State University up, and its new president, to realise that what these students are talking about is very serious and it's having an adverse effect on them legally and I'd imagine public relations-wise."

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