US: Republican Leaders Oppose Tougher Gun Reforms

Leaders from the republican party has rejected calls for gun law reforms on Tuesday. They blamed the school shooting on the failure of local law enforcement to act on several tips and warnings about the shooter rather than the easy to such deadly weaponry. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters, “Let me just say we shouldn’t be banning
guns for law-abiding citizens, we should be focusing on making sure citizens who should not get guns in the first place don’t get those guns”. 

“There was a colossal breakdown in the system locally,” he said, mentioning the failure of a deputy sheriff, who was caught on camera hiding, to try and stop the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, a former student at the school.

This remark from the Paul Ryan and other leaders from the republican party are repetitions of what US president Donald Trump's talking point since the shooting. Trump had voiced support for calls which asked for the age limit required to purchase a gun to be raised to 21 but has so far take a different approach to solving the problem, instead urging teachers to be armed.

This idea is also supported by the National Rifle Association, America's most powerful lobbying group but opposed by teachers themselves as impractical and an unreasonable burden on them.

In Florida, the state legislators are looking at the possibility of raising the age limit for gun purchase to 21 but not a ban on assault rifles, as measures being pushed forward by the state's republican governor.


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