Palestinian viral video teen's trial begins

 A Palestinian teenage girl, Ahed Tamimi, seen as a symbol of resistance to Israeli occupation, has gone on trial in an Israeli military court for slapping an Israeli soldier. The 17 year old, charged with 12 offences including assaulting security forces and incitement to  violence , faces a lengthy jail term, if found guilty.

Regarded as a violent troublemaker by Israelis,
Amed Tamimi, in a video which went viral, could be seen confronting two Israeli soldier, kicking one and slapping the other while being filmed by her mother, who has been charged with incitement on social media and assault. Her cousin, Nour, who also played a part in the incident has been charged with assault.

Days later, she was arrested during a night raid. Amnesty International has accused Israel of discriminatory treatment of Palestinian children and called for her release. 

The case has caused a split in public opinion and sparked opposing views.  Israelis accuse her parents of manipulating her into provoking Israeli soldiers on film but Palestinians says they see act of bravery, challenging the presence of Israeli soldiers on occupied land.

An online petition by her father has received 1.7 million signatures while her face appears on street murals and posters. 

Ahed Tamimi was praised Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was then Turkey's prime minister, when she was seen in a viral video biting the hand of an Israeli soldier who detained her brother on suspicion of throwing stones, two years ago. At the time, Erdogan presented her with a "courage" award.

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