Ugandan government officials suspended over inflated refugee fugures

The Ugandan government is being dogged by allegations that they had exaggerated the exact figures of refugees, that has resulted in the suspension of four government officials. 

Ugandan's commissioner for refugees , Apollo Kazungu along with three of his senior staff are under investigation for alleged collusion with the united Nations (UN) and the World Food Programme (WFP). 

Ugandan Daily Monitor, local
newspaper, who was the first to report the allegation, said a UN country representative, Rosa Malango, had raised 3 issue which included "doubtful numbers of refugees, fraud and the trafficking of women and children."

An estimated 1.4 million refugees, from countries like South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, are within the country's border, was reported last year that to be the highest rise in new arrivals in the world. 

Checks revealed that a location believed to contain 26,000 people in need of aid, actually had just 7,000 and questions regarding the money and resources received for the remaining 19,000 ghost refugees. This has created doubts over the actual number of refugee in the country. 

Countries providing funding to the country, including the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are threatening to hold back funding.

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