Taiwan Earthquake: Rescue effort focused on missing seven

Rescue operations in Taiwan's tourist city of Hualien, which was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earth earlier in the week, is slowing down with the death toll at 10 and seven people still missing. Those injured as said to be over 270. 

The aftershocks from the earthquake impeded the immediate rescue efforts by emergency personnel, who worked through
the night as they searched for survivors in the rubble as it rained. 

Four buildings were toppled and roads cracked by the earthquake, the biggest to have ever happened in the Taiwan's history. But efforts are are being focused on one of the residential buildings that was left tilting by the earthquake for the missing person, among whom are Canadian citizens. 

The Taiwanese government in a statement said “The space for our operations is small, so the search and rescue progress can be slow.” They added added that they are looking to revise its building act which they hoped would help limit damage in future occurrence. 

Though according to the interior ministry on Friday, the government  had already revised  it's construction law that strengthens investigations of current buildings and completed projects. 

Thee government added that measures for speedy reconstruction of old buildings and making them earthquake resistant would be done. 

By Friday, all affected areas had power restored to them but some household still lack water.

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