Woman killed by train while taking selfie in Bangkok

Yet another person has been killed by train while trying to take a selfie. An estimated 94 persons sustained injuries or died  trying to take a selfie or picture 2017 alone and statistics reveals that the figure is on the rise.
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The latest victim is a 24 year old Thai woman killed while taking a selfie with a friend on a train track in Thailand. According a friend  of the victim, they had been drinking and decided "to take a photo with the train" but did not see an approaching train on the other track, police report says. Her male friend sustained severe injuries. Authorities say the incident which happened in the early hours of Thursday at Bangkok's Samsen station is still being investigated.

Taking selfies in dangerous situations and locations has become a trend in teenagers and millennials, while India is expressing a rise in the number of selfies taken in front of fast approaching train.

On the 24th of January, 2018, a viral video showed 22-year-old Indian man been struck by a train while recording a selfie video very close to some train tracks. The entire incident was capture by his video which showed the man being struck after brazenly ignoring the train's horn.

While in October 2017, three teenagers were run over by a train as they tried take a selfie in Karnataka state with another two killed while taking selfies on railway tracks in Delhi.

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